Included in package:

  • 4 hours of DJ/MC
  • 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • Top of the Line Speakers with Subwoofers
  • Custom Music Planning App
  • Setup & Breakdown (does NOT count against your time)
  • Unlimited Meetings (we work with you to make this the best day of your life!)

Wedding DJ Reception

  • We are located in College Station, Texas, and have a 100-mile radius of free travel. Our travel fee is $4.50 per mile after the first 100 miles if your event is located outside our free radius area.

  • We'll keep your guests on the dance floor all night long!


    Things that make us different from other wedding DJ's:


    1) We take the time to rehearse for your entire wedding. If the itinerary changes in the middle of your big day, we adapt quickly and make sure everything goes smooth and sounds great!


    2) Ever been to a wedding where the DJ mispronounces the bridal party's name? That NEVER happens with us! We rehearse the pronunciation of all the names in your wedding party, so we never miss a beat!


    3) We make sure to play all the songs you requested! It's your big day, not ours! But don't worry, if you didn't request many songs, our DJ's are very good at reading the crowd and keeping your guests on the dance floor!


    4) We are not penny pushers! Let's say your wedding ends at midnight, but you still want to hear a few more songs! We are NOT going to charge you extra. We give a 15-minute grace period before and after your wedding just in case you need to start a little earlier and stay a little later than expected.