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Here are some of the most popular questions from the hundreds of wedding and event clients we have served.

How long have your Team Members been working as professionals?

All of the DJs and Event Coordinators who work for DJ Franco Events have a minimum of 5 years professional experience, with most of our team members having 10 or more years of professional experience.

What equipment do you use?

We only use state-of-the-art professional equipment that minimizes wires and doesn’t look bulky.

Will the DJ play requests?

Our DJs do take requests and may play some of them. Our DJs “filter” requests, meaning they will not play a song that you specifically asked the DJ not to play or music from a genre you asked the DJ not to play. We will not play songs off of Youtube when asked. If someone makes a request that fits in well with what the DJ is playing at the time and with the music the client wants, then the DJ may play the request. We have a planning app system that will allow you to make request lists before the event.

What are your payment options?

You can make your payments by Credit Card, Check, or Cash. Here are your options: 1.) 0% Interest and Up To 24 Month Payment Plans (Contact Us For More Information) 2.) 25% Deposit with Equal Monthly Payments Until Wedding Date 3.) 50% Deposit with The Remaining Balance Due 2 Weeks Before Wedding Date 4.) Pay In Full and Receive $100 Off Your Total (Credit Cards have a 3% transaction fee) (All checks must be made out to "DJ Franco Events LLC)

Should I tip?

We do not include gratuity in the final contract price. 10 – 20% is generally recommended if our team members did a great job, but it is entirely up to you.

When should I book my services?

A good time frame is at least 12 months before the event. However, we have team members available for last minute events as well.

Should we feed our vendors?

This is not required in our contract and is completely up to you. Typically, the catering director or event coordinator will set aside a meal or boxed dinner for our team members if requested by the client.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. Many venues require vendors to have liability Insurance. So before hiring Uncle Joe, make sure he’s covered.

How many songs should I request?

You can select songs that you would like to hear at your event (as well as songs you don’t want to hear) through our planning app on your phone. You will receive login information for the app through a text to your phone. The number of songs you request is totally up to you! We recommend giving your DJ at least 10-15 songs of different genres and artists that you would like to hear. A few songs/artists that you don’t want to hear is always helpful as well. If you end up requesting a lot of songs, just keep in mind the time constraints of your event. During your initial consultation, your DJ will ask about your music preferences.

Wedding Coordinating Questions

What does a day of coordinator do?

When you hire a day of coordinator, they are with you through your entire day. They help execute your wedding vision. They are extremely familiar with venues and vendors and ultimately keep you calm and excited on the most important day of your life.

What does a wedding coordinator do on your wedding day?

Your wedding coordinator will be the first vendor at your venue, and the last one to leave. They will make sure all vendors are there, and where they are suppose to be. They will be there for any quesitons from the bridal party, vendors, the venue staff, and guests. They will help keep the couple on time through the entire day, and so much more.

I have a friend who said she would help at my wedding. That's the same right?

As helpful as your friends and family will be during your planning, they shouldn't have to work on your wedding day. It can go both ways: either they will have so much to do that day they won’t even be able to enjoy your wedding day. On the other hand, they may not take the job seriously, and the day might end up being a disaster.

Photo Booth Questions

How large is your photo booth?

As small as 8 by 5 and as large as 12 by 5

Who takes the picture?

All of our packages come with a photo booth specialist making sure the booth is running smooth and everyone is having fun!

How many pictures can I take?

As many as you like! No really we can handle it no problem.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, we can set the booth up to cater to adults, kids, or all guest!

Are pet allowed?

All well-behaved pets are welcome to come on in!

How many people can fit in your photo booth?

6-10 people average

Do you have any other backgrounds?

We have an assortment of different backgrounds for you to choose from

Can we use our own background?

Yes and we can help you with tips and tricks. An excellent way to make your photo booth stand out is to add some personal touches.

Can you print the pictures?

No, but the system will automatically text or email your guest their picture within seconds of taking it.

Can I share on social media?

Yes! All photos are social media ready to go

How do we receive the photos?

During your event, everyone will receive their photos by text to their phone within seconds of taking them. The next day we'll send you an email with all the photos for you to keep forever!

How many props do you have?

Thousands, let us know what you need!

We are having a themed party, do you have themed props?

Yes! Star Wars, Masquerade, Western, and others

Can I bring my own props?


Getaway Car

What is the service area for the getaway car?

The getaway car can be used anywhere within the BCS area, but we can travel up to 150 miles for an additional fee.

Will you clean the car before each wedding?

The car is detailed inside and out before and after each wedding!

If my ceremony is somewhere other than the reception venue, can you pick me up from the ceremony and take me to the reception?

Yes, there is an additional $100 fee. A chauffeur will pick you up from the ceremony, drive you to the reception location and still be available as the grand exit vehicle.

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